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Confidex Ironside Slim

Starting from $4.9170 + Tax
High-Performance RFID Tag for Metal Surfaces

Confidex Cruiser Windshield

Starting from $0.8842 + Tax
Best-in-class vehicle decal for vehicle identification and OGS / HGS applications. High quality, hot and cold resistant HGS label for your sites, parking lots and all your vehicle identification projects

Smartrac RFID Tag Sample Pack

Starting from $39.8160 + Tax

Confidex Cruiser Headlamp

Starting from $0.7286 + Tax
Optimized RFID Tag for Vehicle Windshields and Headlights

Confidex Carrier Pro Tag

Starting from $0.6190 + Tax
Optimized RFID Tag for Custom Washable Adhesive Plastic Surfaces

Confidex Casey

Starting from $0.1011 + Tax
Disposable High Performance RFID Tag

Confidex Crosswave Neo 4×6″

Starting from $0.2473 + Tax
Printable White Face High-Performance RFID Tag