The RFID Windshield Tag offers a more accurate and secure way to allow access to a variety of locations, such as a gated community, a gated company parking lot, or even a car wash. RFID tags use passive technology or are encapsulated in a hard shell or encapsulated between thin layers of polypropylene that add readable printing on one side and a windshield compatible adhesive on the other. A destructible version is also available with strategically placed cutouts and adhesive layers on the label.

We are constantly updating and adding RFID products to our website. If you need assistance selecting the appropriate windshield tag for your needs, please contact us.

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Confidex Cruiser Windshield

Starting from $0.8842 + Tax
Best-in-class vehicle decal for vehicle identification and OGS / HGS applications. High quality, hot and cold resistant HGS label for your sites, parking lots and all your vehicle identification projects

Confidex Cruiser Headlamp

Starting from $0.7286 + Tax
Optimized RFID Tag for Vehicle Windshields and Headlights

Confidex Cruiser Windshield Crypto

Starting from $3.6570 + Tax
Optimized RFID Tag for Car Windshield